Mary C O'Brien Accommodation District #90

Mary C. O’Brien Accommodation District #90 (MCOB #90) was established in 1948 to provide a school for students in the “New Camp” area at Eleven Mile Corner.  The school was originally called the Eleven Mile Corner Accommodation School.  It has since been named for Miss Mary C. O’Brien who was Pinal County School Superintendent for 26 years (1950-1976). The school at Eleven Mile Corner served . . .

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It is Flu Season and time for your ASBAIT Onsite Flu Prevention Clinic

We are coming to you: Mary C O’Brien Accommodation District Date: Wednesday September 11, 2019 MCOB Elementary School 7:30-8:45am Villa Oasis HS 1:30-2:15pm Flyer  

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Arizona Department of Child Safety

CLICK to Report Child Abuse or Neglect

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